6 Ways To Improve Your Company Culture

Here at PAR, we truly care about creating a healthy company culture and a great employee experience for our people.

Company culture has a significant impact on all of us. Many people find they spend more hours at work than they do at home, so it’s important to make that experience a great one!

Creating a fantastic company culture sustains customer satisfaction, yields higher levels of innovation, quality, brand recognition, and talent attraction. Additionally, companies that invest in building strong cultures are more profitable. According to data from the Great Place to Work® Survey Company, companies with strong cultures of trust perform nearly 2x better than the general market.

Here are 6 ways to start building a better culture:

  • Define your values and purpose as a company. Internal core values serve as a standard for expected behavior within the company.
  • Give people a voice to senior level leadership on a frequent basis. Create forums or committees to frequently collect feedback from employees at all levels and locations of the company. Senior leadership won’t know what needs to be fixed until people speak up. On top of getting feedback from face-to-face interactions, employee engagement surveys do a great job of getting even more unfiltered feedback to leadership teams. Some companies do an annual survey, quarterly surveys, and others even do weekly pulse surveys, or a combination of these methods. Find one that is right for your company and be flexible with your approach.
  • Commit to creating an environment of trust. Trust is the foundation to building a company culture. One way trust can be built is by having transparent and honest communication within the company, and letting people know when and why things happen. Another way to build trust is to create an atmosphere where failure is looked at as an opportunity for growth, not cause for punishment.
  • Communicate often. The way in which communication is handled in the company should help create trust and a collaborative environment. Communication can come in the form of corporate communications, e-mails, company meetings, town halls and videos with senior leadership. Communication from senior leadership is especially important because it helps drive trust. Other forms of communication can be interdepartmental through increased meetings with teams that work together often, or it can even be through meeting in a less formal environment like a social hour outside of work.
  • Have a solid recognition program. Recognition and appreciation go a long way in retaining talent, and it’s just the right thing to do. People who feel appreciated are more productive and happy.
  • Have fun! Work can be stressful and draining. Take time to have fun at company parties, play games together, and have teambuilding activities throughout the day. Taking breaks to have a little fun improves cognition, relieves stress, and fosters camaraderie between people.

Culture is not a destination, it’s a journey, and one that PAR is excited to be a part of!