6 Takeaway’s from The Culture Summit

Last month I traveled to the Culture Summit in San Francisco to learn from numerous thought leaders and culture champions from different industries and hear their ideas about culture solutions.

One thing was clear; having a people-first mindset is how companies win, no matter what industry you are in!

I heard from many different speakers at the Culture Summit. Here are six of my favorite insights:

  1. “If you want to build loyalty and tenure at your company you must have empathy, trust and connection with your people. Empathy + trust + connection = loyalty, resilience & speed. View feedback from employees as a source for caring.” – Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia
  2. “I don’t think ‘culture change’ is the right word, it’s more how are you going to evolve your culture? You have to creatively destruct it. Change the parts of the company culture that will make the business better.” – Konval Matin, Director of Culture & Talent Development, Shopify
  3. “You don’t tell people what to do; you inspire them to do things.” Dan Spauding, Chief People Office, Zillow Group
  4. “You can control the impact you have on people in your company; you can’t always control business outcomes.”– Sean Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO, SnackNation
  5. “Define what is sacred at your company, even if it’s the little stuff. When I was at Pandora, we ordered pizza every Friday from the same place. It was a tradition! Then, a new CEO took over and he ordered a different food. Everyone was in a panic – ‘Things are changing. What other changes are coming?’ You would be surprised how much impact little things have on people. Start focusing on B2E Marketing, or Business to Employee Marketing. Why should people want to work here? Push that out to people that already work at your company, too!” Marta Riggins, Global Marketing Director, Talent Solutions at LinkedIn
  6. “The future of work is open, transparent and real-time. Building a culture at companies that are worldwide is hard, and it is going to get harder. Companies are becoming more and more complex, are becoming faster than ever, and will produce more – and the S&P 500 is awarding that trend. Facebook at Work helps companies collaborate better and faster.” Monica Adractas, Director, Workplace by Facebook.

Hung Pham, an engineer with no HR background, started the Culture Summit in San Francisco. His passion for culture came from his own experience as a disengaged employee. Hung thought that culture change should not only start from the top down, but also be from the bottom up. With this belief in mind, Pham decided to start his own work on building better company cultures. Along with Vanessa Shaw, a writer and business consultant, Pham started the Culture Summit. Now on their third conference, Hung Pham, Vanessa Shaw, and a slew of volunteers continue to put on an excellent conference.

I am grateful that I was able to attend such an inspiring event and look forward to applying the knowledge I have gained from the conference to the culture at PAR!