5 Reasons to Attend SUG ’17

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and not just because of the foliage and pumpkin spice coffee.

For myself and the rest of the team here at PAR, we are getting ready for one of our most exciting and engaging events of the year. Software User Group 2017 (SUG) is a forum that innovates, inspires, and connects the leaders in our industry for an incredible exchange that takes places over the course of two days. It’s a chance to leave the office and expand your horizons with other experts at a beautiful location.

If that alone doesn’t make you want to attend, here’s five great reasons that will:

It’s all about location

Let’s face it, does anybody ever need a good reason to enjoy some nice weather? You can expect a comfortable temperature of 60s to mid-80s and lots of sunshine. How about the scenery? Phoenix is known for breath-taking views and desert sunsets among the hillside butte where the venue is located. The best part? You’re only a short 3-mile cab or Uber ride from Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport.

Invest to Impress

As the software industry is constantly evolving, we know you can’t afford not to keep learning about what’s out there to stay ahead of the game. By leaving the office and coming to our conference you are taking the initiative to meet, network, and gain all the invaluable insight you can from your peers in the industry. An added bonus? The opportunity to share your newfound knowledge with the rest of your team when you get back. You may even impress them!

Learn the product and grow your business

The PAR Software User Group is going to give attendees face time with the experts on Brink POS software. During this two day learning event, you will have the opportunity to engage with these experts who will give you the keys to maximize your investment and super charge your revenue and operations efficiency.

Inspire and be inspired

You will be among many people who have had similar experiences in your industry. You all have done great things with our products! Here is your chance to share your story for others to learn, and we guarantee they will return the favor! What better than getting insight from those innovative individuals who work in the same industry?

Help us help you

At PAR, we strive to always set our customers up for success. You have a much bigger role in that then you know! SUG is your time to give us feedback on how our direction and roadmap affects you. You will be able to interact directly with our Sales, Marketing, and product teams to help us understand and better serve you now and in the future.