5 Ideas for Using Cloud POS to Improve Your Back Office Space

Whether you own a convenience store, restaurant, or grocery store, you understand that day-to-day operations can be hectic. There’s an infinite number of factors that can add stress to your day, such as inventory control, scheduling concerns, sales and more. It’s time to invest in a product that eases those concerns and gets you concentrating on what matters most to your business: your customers!

Back office point of sale software helps manage integral parts of your business behind the scenes, including:

  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory control
  • Tax management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Sales

Setting up a secure cloud POS system makes controlling these aspects of your business easier than relying on antiquated technology or paper-based systems. Administrative duties that normally take valuable time away from your day can now be automated safely and securely through the cloud with a back office POS solution. Wouldn’t you rather be interacting with your customers than stuck behind a desk running numbers?

Supply Chain Management

It is extremely important to monitor your products throughout every step of the supply chain, especially when it comes to food safety. Frequently calling each location to check in with farms, distribution centers, and transportation services, to name a few, can take hours out of your day.

A cloud-based POS software solution streamlines all the vital food safety and supply chain data directly to you in real-time. Since it is automated, you know the information is correct, as manual data entry error is no longer an area of concern. Most importantly, this data ensures your customers are receiving products that are safe to eat.

Inventory Control

Aren’t you tired of worrying about your inventory? A cloud-based point of sale system removes the guesswork out of managing your inventory by giving you the accurate numbers you need to run your business.

Point of sale software automatically registers the amount of each product that has been sold and tracks this data, so you always know where your inventory stands.

Tax Management

For businesses that sell food and alcohol, financial reporting can be a challenging and tedious chore. Rather than manually crunching numbers each day, why not utilize a cloud POS software that does it for you?

A cloud-based POS solution automatically transfers the data from cash registers to the system and assigns the appropriate taxes for each sale, relieving you of that responsibility. The software then generates reports and provides an email option so you can share this information with your accountant and financial team.

Employee Scheduling

POS software also handles everyday tasks such as employee scheduling. It can be time-consuming to juggle vacation requests, shift changes, and employee availability.

Managers can use POS software to pre-set shifts to ensure employees reach their desired workload. After the schedule is set, they can grant employees limited access through the cloud to view it online, and also makes managing vacation time and PTO a breeze.

Sales & Revenue

We saved the best feature, and probably the one you care about most, for last. All these other features are great, but as an owner, you want to know one thing: am I making a profit?

Cloud-based POS systems take everything into account in real-time, from supply chain management to inventory control, to payments and more, which means you never have to question where you stand financially. Automatic reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Reports can be pulled from anywhere on the map – at any time. With a back-office cloud POS system, you’ll never be in the dark about your numbers again!

PAR’s slick, modern POS software Brink keeps customer data safe and secure in the cloud. Restaurants that deployed Brink can effectively integrate with online/mobile ordering and loyalty programs, along with fast, easy software updates. Its monthly payment SaaS model means there are no long-term commitments!