4 Top Reasons to Attend RLC

 RLC is attended by 2,000 of the most progressive and influential professionals. Attendees have a wide range of skills and connections, making RLC the most-valued networking opportunity.

As April welcomes us here in the Northeast with daily precipitation and camouflage-like scenery, the arid climate of Arizona has never seemed more welcoming – but why Arizona you ask?

Well, because this year the city of Phoenix will host the 2018 Restaurant Leadership Conference. Major state of industry topics include: finance future, leadership, and women in the workplace. Along with those, numerous well-known and experienced guest speakers will be on hand to educate and spread their wealth of industry knowledge.

Another reason to get excited is so you can visit PAR at our booth and let us educate you on the importance of Digital Food Safety and the SureCheck Technology product line.

  • Create awareness on the impacts of food safety
    • https://www.cdc.gov/foodborneburden/index.html
    • CDC estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases.
    • Risk factors in food operations
    • Tangible and intangible liabilities
  • Expose the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of legacy paper-based HACCP strategies
    • How do you know that your employees are not “pencil whipping?”
    • How are your logs stored and transmitted?
    • How much paper do you use in one year?
    • How confident are you that your HACCP plan can withstand all audits and litigations?
    • How confident are you that your brand is protected?
  • Introduction to the next generation SureCheck App and SaaS solution
    • Easily identify where tasks were completed, who completed the tasks, which tasks were performed, when observations were recorded, why corrective actions were taken, and what can be improved upon.
    • Fast, reliable, and easy execution for all temperature and task logs.
    • Enterprise multi-location backbone that is customizable by location and user.
    • Real-Time Mobile alerting and reporting
  • Introduction to the PAR family of Food Safety Devices
    • IoT – Remote Static Temperature Monitoring that records cooler and freezer temperatures evert 5 minutes; effectively managing all food storage HACCP requirements automatically.
    • SureCheck Advantage – Hardened All-In-One mobile device with integrated probe, infrared, and RFID measurement options.
    • Temperature Measuring Device – Hardened Bluetooth enabled device with a digital display, probe, infrared, and RFID reader.

So stop on by and let us tell you more about the above – see you in Arizona!