2018 Restaurant POS System Trends

76% of restaurateurs are looking for labor management tools in their restaurant POS software. – NRA

The restaurant POS industry has been rapidly changing since its inception into the foodservice workplace. While 2017 brought many innovative products and services, 2018 promises to build off that with even more disruption.

While self-service kiosks have continued to supplement restaurant services – there are now stores that solely operate utilizing self-service kiosks.

While not as personal, full-service kiosk restaurants increase order time, reduce operational costs, and improve order accuracy; which is what everyone restaurant strives for.

While large chains such as McDonald’s and Panera have experimented with kiosks in-store, companies like Eatsa have already introduced fully automated self-serve stores. Reviews continue to be positive while implementing this burgeoning trend.

Cloud POS Software

Outdated, legacy systems can hinder the growth of your restaurant. One of the leading benefits of implementing cloud-based POS software into your business is the immense scalability and adaptability of the software itself-meaning it easily supports the evolving needs of consumers and the market, allowing your business to keep up with competitors, and leave customers satisfied with a desire to return.

Mobile App Delivery Ordering

Delivery service is nothing new to the food service industry. In larger urban areas, not providing this service usually leads to loss of business to a competitor. As technology continues to evolve, the use of mobile ordering and delivery becomes paramount.

The benefits of this technology are:

  • No waiting in lines
  • Provides exceptional convenience for your consumer
  • Puts your menu consistently in front of the customer at all times

In times, when consumers want everything instantly, this service could not be more important.


Delivery Route Optimization

As restaurants continue to evolve, delivery services have become a larger priority. With that comes the need for strategy and route optimization. Advanced delivery management technologies can assign drivers’ delivery routes based on customer location.

Typically, orders will tabulate based on order time and location. This allows drivers to deliver various orders at a time to specific geographic locations in a time efficient manner, allowing for enhanced customer service and better quality food.

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