2017 Trends: FSMA & Enhanced Traceability

How can we improve compliance, communication and food safety in 2017?

While we acclimate ourselves to a new year and food-related businesses adjust to the first full year of FSMA Compliance; companies must prepare for the reality of the FDA becoming even more vigilant to enforce the law and the safety of our food – which results in the emphasis of communication and safety within the food supply chain.

How can we improve compliance, communication and food safety?

First full year of FSMA

The Food Safety Modernization Act has been gradually implemented since 2011; however, 2017 marks the first full year of compliance. The realization for large food-related companies is that the FDA will be carrying out more audits than ever before. The FDA has the power to request records, inspect facilities, and even close them if conditions are not satisfactory.

Digitizing the Food Supply Chain

The food supply chain has notoriously been slow to embrace advanced technology. Broken communication and manual paper-based recording methods have traditionally been the norm. Companies must fully adopt digital food safety and traceability solutions to document all products from farm to fork.

Supply chain traceability allows food companies to properly document, report, and measure ROI regarding their supply chain practices and FSMA compliance. PAR’s SureCheck technology uses the IoT coupled with traceability software to support daily monitoring, data input, and task management practices needed to ensure best practices are executed and the safety of products along the supply chain.

Limiting Recalls

By digitizing the supply chain, food-related businesses can reduce the number of FDA mandated recalls. According to Food Safety Magazine, the amount of recalls has steadily increased each year, resulting in 626 food recalls in 2015.  These contaminated products not only put consumers in danger, but also incur damage to the bottom-line. A recent study by Food Safety Tech Magazine estimates that the average cost of a recall is $10 Million.

Utilizing digital, all-in-one, food safety & traceability devices not only ensure your business is in full compliance with FSMA; but ensures the safety of products from ‘farm to fork’ which further reduces the risk of food recalls, FDA fines, and profit loss.