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Convenient and Flexible Financing Options from PAR Finance.

ParTech, Inc.’s partnership with PAR Finance Corporation offers a wide range of financing options that are tailored to meet our customer’s needs.

PAR Finance offers financing for all Par Technology’s products and services including terminals, information kiosks, cash drawers, kitchen display monitors, back-office computers, software and professional services. Financing is also available for a wide range of other third-party products including third-party software, price and order confirmation boards, drive-thru timers, performance measurement systems, seating packages, signage, security systems, kitchen equipment, shelving, refrigeration equipment and audio equipment. PAR Finance also offers software-only financing.

Our long standing strategic partnership has built a customer list that includes franchisees of many of the nation’s major restaurant chains including Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Cheeburger Cheeburger and Whataburger as well as convenience store operators such as Kangaroo, Lil Champ Food Stores and Golden Gallon. PAR Finance has also arranged financing for a diverse group of customers including the American Airlines Center in Dallas, an 85-store QSR chain in Texas, a tribal casino in California and a 100-store tobacco products retailer in Colorado.

In addition to providing financing with its own capital and bank lines, PAR Finance works with a number of banks and finance companies to minimize credit declines and maximize the availability of financing for a large cross-section of customers with varied financing requirements. PAR Finance understands that every customer’s financing needs are different. That’s why PAR Finance has a full menu of options and terms, so it can create the combination that’s right for the business.


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PAR Finance Offers a Broad Range of Financing Solutions


  • PAR as a Service – PAR Finance’s newest financing solution takes the hassle out of acquiring, maintaining and upgrading restaurant technology. PAR as a Service includes all of the hardware, software and services needed to operate a restaurant. PAR as a Service simplifies your operations with one fixed monthly payment and one place to call for all your service needs. With no down payment or capital expense, treat your restaurant technology like a utility – plug it in and it works! See more details see PAR as a Service.
  • Equipment Finance Agreement – The standard financing structure is a loan with fixed rate of interest and equal monthly payments. The customer owns and depreciates the assets being financed, expenses the interest as paid and the amount borrowed is fully amortized over the finance term.
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease – Under the FMV Lease structure, at the end of the financing term the customer has the option to return the equipment, buy the equipment at its then fair market value, or extend the lease, usually at a lower monthly payment. For customers with restrictive borrowing covenants or for those who seek “off-balance sheet” treatment of the asset being financed, an FMV lease may be an attractive alternative.


  • Length of Financing Term – Terms range from as little as 6 months to as long as 84 months depending on the customer’s preferences, the type of asset being financed and creditworthiness.
  • Periodic Payments – Monthly payments are the norm, but quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments can be arranged.
  • Seasonal & Cash Flow Payments – Many businesses have distinct seasonality patterns that result in higher and lower cash flows during certain periods. Finance plans can be designed to match this seasonality by having lower payments during the customer’s off-season.
  • Delayed Payments – A delayed payment structure provides an opportunity to generate cash flow before payments begin.
  • Step Payments – The step payments structures provide different levels of payments during various stages of the finance term. Step-Up Agreements have lower payments during the early part of the term, while Step-Down Agreements have higher payments in the beginning of the term.

Financing Programs that are Simple, Flexible and Convenient

  • Simple Documentation – Documentation usually includes a one-page Customer Information Form and a two-page Equipment Finance Agreement.
  • Convenience – Financing can be arranged with a minimum of paperwork. PAR Finance works directly with the PAR sales representative to minimize delays and streamline the process.
  • 100% Financing – Unlike many bank loan arrangements, virtually all costs can be financed including hardware, software, installation, freight, training and service.
  • No Down Payment or Deposit Required – PAR’s standard 30% down payment requirement is waived for orders placed through PAR Finance.

Simple Financing Process

  1. Complete a one-page Customer Information Form – For smaller transactions, this is usually the only information required. In larger transactions where financial statements or other data is needed, PAR Finance works with the customer to assemble the necessary information. Financing is subject to standard credit approval.
  2. Sign Finance Documents – Once approval is secured, the documents will be forwarded for signature.
  3. Equipment Shipment – Upon receipt of the signed documents, the equipment will be shipped.
  4. Equipment Delivery Confirmation – Once the customer confirms delivery and installation of the assets and the final amount being financed, the financing term then commences.