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Case Studies


        (PAR EverServ 500 and PixelPoint and Speed JSC)

Habitat for Humanity

        (PAR EverServ 500 and BMC)

Ball and Chain

        (PAR EverServ 500 and New Hope)

Hungry Bunny

        (PAR EverServ PixelPoint and MCEC)

Split Bread

        (Brink POS)

Native Foods Cafe

        (PAR EverServ 500 and Brink POS)

The Moulin Rouge

        (PAR EverServ 7700 and TCPOS)

Au Moulin Rouge

        (PAR EverServ 7700 et TCPOS)

The Red Door Country House

         (PAR EverServ PixelPoint and CBE Solutions)

Bow Tie Cinemas

         (PAR EverServ 6000 and Vista)

Soup Nutsy

(PAR EverServ PixelPoint and POS Canada Services)

Mike Anderson’s Seafood

(PAR EverServ 2000, PAR EverServ PixelPoint and Systems Services, Inc. Services)

Royal Caribbean

(PAR EverServ 6000 and PAR EverServ SureCheck)

Carl’s Jr. of Las Vegas

(PAR EverServ QSR Software, PAR EverServ 6000 and 2000 Hardware and PAR EverServ Services)

Carl’s Jr. and Microsoft

(PAR EverServ QSR Software, PAR EverServ 6000 and 2000 Hardware and PAR EverServ Services)

Miller’s Ale House

(PAR EverServ TSR Software, EverServ 6000 Hardware and PAR EverServ Services)

Molson Hockey House

(PAR EverServ 2000 Hardware and PAR EverServ PixelPoint Software)

Taco Bell (Lockwood/McKinnon)

(PAR GT Software, PAR EverServ 6000 Hardware and PAR EverServ Services)

PAR EverServ® Remote Care

(Remote Hardware Health Monitoring)

PAR EverServ® Remote Care

(Proactive System Monitoring)

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